Our university has celebrated over 90 years of academic excellence and rigor and, as we have just changed our status from college to university, there is no question we are growing rapidly. Most schools merely teach facts and figures but we educate the whole person, not only the mind but also the character, enabling each graduate to interact and work in the world with upstanding ethics and outstanding intellect. TMU Students choosing to pursue further education post-graduation are accepted into schools at a rate of 95% and companies all over the world desire the work ethic and intellect produced here. Housing 12 diverse areas of study from the logic of Business and Biology to the creativity of Music and English, we also represent 30 countries across our campus and provide three different accredited study abroad programs. Our business program is one of the top in the country, our science department boasts multiple publications, and our faculty is longstanding and not to be beat. We are The Master's University.


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