Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics (8th Edition)

Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics (8th Edition)

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Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics (8th Edition) by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron

Using real-life case studies,Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics helps students better understand the basic concepts, strategies and tactics practiced in public relations today. Now in its Eighth Edition, Public Relations: Strategies & Tactics combines numerous current real-life case studies with fundamental concepts of the field, helping students relate theory to the actual practice of public relations. Grounded in scholarship, the main text and features are all built on references to landmark studies and situations in today's headlines. In this age of corporate and political scandals, terrorism and national health issues, a new chapter, "Conflict Management: Dealing with Issues, Risks and Crises," lays the groundwork for understanding and coping with various crises. Written in a disarming and accessible style, this edition also focuses technology in every application, and it leads readers to think about other creative ways to use new media. This edition continues to be the most definitive, comprehensive introductory text in the market, written by two leading public relations educators.

ISBN: 9780205449446