Field Guide to Covering Sports 1st Edition

Field Guide to Covering Sports 1st Edition

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Field Guide to Covering Sports 1st Edition by Joe Gisondi

How best to turn yourself from sports fan to professional sports journalist? Quickly moving beyond general guidance about sports writing, Joe Gisondi focuses on the nitty-gritty, with hands-on, practical advice on covering 20 specific sports. From auto racing to wrestling, you’ll find tips on the seemingly straightforward—where to stand on the sideline and how to identify a key player—along with the more specialized—figuring out shot selection in lacrosse and understanding a coxswain’s call for a harder stroke in rowing. Preparing you for just about any game, match, meet, race, regatta or tournament you’re likely to cover, Field Guide to Covering Sports is the ideal go-to resource to have on hand as you master the beat.

Using his Prepare-Watch-Ask-Write approach in each sports chapter, you will learn:

  • What to understand before play begins
  • What to look out for during competition
  • What to ask players and coaches
  • What essentials to include in your story

In addition to brief chapters on writing, interviewing and blogging, the Guide features useful “primers”: knowing the APSE ethical guidelines, avoiding clichés, working with Sports Information Directors, covering fantasy sports and broadcasting on the radio. A series of annotated score cards shows how reporters can keep track of stats and details, and assignments at the end of the book get you applying your new-found sports knowledge.

ISBN: 9781604265590

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