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Attending upon God Without Distractions

Attending upon God Without Distractions

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Attending upon God Without Distractions by Nathaniel Vincent 

The mind of man is notoriously fickle, and distractions too easily keep him from whole hearted service to God. Even serious Christians feel the strain caused when their desires to offer God more spiritual and well-pleasing sacrifices are hindered by remaining sin and vanity of mind. Furthermore, obtaining freedom from distractions in religious duties is very difficult. Some think lightly of the disease and imagine the cure needless. Others are discouraged from striving against distractions because they think it is impossible to overcome them. In this book, Nathanael Vincent convincingly demonstrates how everyone ought to attend upon God, recognize Him as Lord, and serve Him without interruption. In helping us to see the weight of our obligation, Vincent provides an abundance of pastoral guidance and encouragement. This book equips readers to detect distractions and deal with them. It also motivates them by showing the benefits that pertain to a focused pursuit of glorifying God.

ISBN: 9781601780935

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