Faith Builder Catechism: Devotions to Level Up Your Family Discipleship


Publisher's Description

The most enthralling video games take place in elaborate kingdoms with characters we root for and stories we connect with. When playing a video game, we learn to inhabit the game's world. The same is true with our faith. Whether you’re taking your first steps in family discipleship or are a pro who has weekly devotional routine in place, the interactive questions, answers, and devotionals in Faith Builder Catechism, will help your family establish building blocks of faith, one level at a time.

Authors Kevin Hippolyte, Jared Kennedy, and Trey Kullman lead the way for families to establish regular discipleship conversations and cultivate a deeper knowledge of the theology expressed in the Apostle’s Creed, the Ten Commandments, the doctrines of grace, the Great Commission, and the Lord’s Prayer.

  • Includes fun stickers so kids can "level up" and track their progress at each stage.
  • Written by three dads, raising kids in a digital world, experienced in children’s and family ministry.
  • Helps families build a biblical worldview step by step by focusing on God’s glory, God’s kingdom, the gospel, God’s church, and God’s mission.
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Hurry, there are only 2 item(s) left!
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