Cross Talk: Where Life and Scripture Meet


Product Description

When those you know and love experience trouble, you don't want to hand out pat answers or religious platitudes. Instead, you want to offer real hope and help from God's Word. You know it's true, but how does an ancient book, written thousands of years ago, connect with our twenty-first century problems? In CrossTalk: Where Life and Scripture Meet, Michael R. Emlet gives you the tools to connect the Bible to your life and to the lives of your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. You'll learn to understand people and God's Word in ways that promote gospel-centered, rich conversations that help you and those you know grow in love for God and others. Instead of platitudes, you can offer a cup of living water to those who are struggling in this broken world.
Hurry, there are only 4 item(s) left!
Hurry, there are only 4 item(s) left!
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