Facilitating Counseling Groups


Leading a counseling group is different from leading a general discipleship group, even if both exist at the same church. A counseling group focuses on a specific need, garners heightened levels of vulnerability about matters of greater sensitivity, and requires more skill and intentionality from its leader. When a layperson is well-equipped, this kind of ministry is tremendously rewarding, as they see God multiply the work he did in their life with people walking a similar journey.

Brad Hambrick and John Chapman equip lay leaders to be effective in a group-based counseling ministry within the church. By learning how to use their life experiences and a group curriculum to help others overcome a life-dominating struggle of sin or suffering, leaders will learn to share the comfort and hope for change that can only come from God.

  • Part of the Church-Based Counseling series designed to help churches mobilize and utilize levels of care from friendship to mentoring to counseling groups.
  • Introduces readers to the G4 model of group-based counseling.
  • Outlines the dynamics of leading a topic-specific peer counseling group and underscores the importance of ongoing support and training for group facilitators.
  • Includes foreword by J. D. Greear
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